Important Announcement

Our services are now discontinued for new customers.

As Level 5 Group we have made an important decision to discontinue new orders for Domains and Web Hosting, as part of our strategy to divert focus on our core products and services.

We've been in the Domain and Web Hosting industry since early 2000's, and it has been a remarkable journey for us giving us the foundation to grow as a global organisation focusing on digital transformation.

Existing customers

You will still have access to your account and domains, and we will shut down the service permanently once all accounts are rolled off. Our support team will provide transition support to ensure your services remain withoot any downtime.

For domain holders, your domains are still within our network under your ownership. We recommend transferring domains towards end of renewal. We will not discontinue this service on a specific date. If you need any support here, please contact us via your allocated account manager or the client area support system.

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